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Detailed and in-depth analysis programs identify potential problems before they cause equipment downtime. Each sample is evaluated to determine problems and report them so corrective action can be taken.
Hydrotex Lubricants utilize Hydrosynthetic base fluids. Hydrotex Lubricants have enhanced properties for lubricity, oxidation stability and thermal durability. Our proprietary additives work to protect your equipment and provide maximum protection against load, speed,and temperature stresses.
Lubrication training is a vital step in developing and maintaining successful maintenance programs. Through our Hydrotex Lubrication University, we offer fundamental and customized lubrication training. Either through our corporate office or at our partners' facilities across the nation we present our Fundamentals of Lubrication and Fuel Management seminars, continuing education and application specific topics.

methods and product technologies that reduce emissions and toxic waste as well as conserve valuable natural resources. We take improving the environment very seriously. We believe that ecological stewardship improves profitability for those who take a leadership role. It's just good business to eliminate waste, limit pollution, save energy, protect capital assets and it's the right thing to do.

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